foot soak SPA –
Red Papaya

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Add some FUN to the pedi experience by using The Salt Project’s ‘foot soak SPA’. Give your pedicure a catchy name like: ‘Margarita pedi’, ‘Paradise pedi’ or ‘Lavender Lane pedi’ depending on choice of fragrance selected. For an indulgent & truly themed pedi, use ‘scrub in a TUB’ to polish rough heels and ‘body oil RUB’ for finishing massage… and the best part is that all 3 are available in the same 16 collection fragrances.

TSP brand foot soaks are richly colored to give the water a vibrant tint and highly fragranced for aroma therapy effect.

Sea salt is naturally very healing and helps to reduce swelling, soften skin, speed the healing of nicks & cuts and improves circulation. ‘foot soak SPA’ may also be used for a therapeutic, full body soak in the tub.

Fragrance Notes: Tropical, Sweet and Juicy – Top Pick

Designed for hydrotherapy or jetted foot baths. Dissolves quickly in water, deodorizes feet and is non-foaming. Made with a concentrated blend of pure botanicals and natural Sea salt, use regularly to help reduce swelling, improve circulation, speed the healing of nicks & cuts, soften skin and alleviate dry itchy conditions. ‘foot soak SPATM’ is richly colored to give the water a vibrant tint, highly-fragranced for aroma therapy effect and contains Mediterranean olive oil for added moisture. Also, great for a full-body, therapeutic soak in the tub.

How To Use

Add 1 scoop or 1/4 cup to hot water and soak for 10-20 min. Scoop Included.

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Red Papaya”

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