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For home and body; fragrance oil is triple concentrated, cosmetic grade and FUN to add to a variety of your own products to create custom scented goods. Try some of our suggested ideas and/or come up with new ones!

Fragrance Notes: cardamon, vetiver, birch wood

The aromatic scent will remain for 8-10 hrs.

How To Use

FOR HOME: Use in fragrance oil burners; add 1 part oil to 3 parts water – replenish water as needed. Also try adding a few drops to the melted wax pool of an unscented (tea light) candle and/or blend into expired potpourri. To deodorize vacuum and refresh carpets: mix a few drops with baking soda, sprinkle and vacuum.
FOR BODY: Add a few drops to gel soap, body lotion, mineral oil, hair conditioner and/or shampoo. May also be worn directly on pulse points. Oil is not edible.

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